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She Walks!

All right so it is official! This last week, elf_baby has joined the legions of the bipedal! She is walking quite well now. She still plops on her butt some, but then just gets back up. None of this crying business (it's sooo cute!). She has also started climbing up and down the stairs in the stairwell on her own without help. She's working on climbing into and out of the car on her own too.

She had a checkup this last week on her heart and everything looks great. No problems at all and the patch is working great!

Written by eiblyn 

Dad Here

This is dad posting again for little hands who are too small to type. :) I wanted to write in here that Elf-baby's surgery went wonderfully. We couldn't have asked for better results. Already her moods have perked even higher, and she has begun to play more and longer. I got a new camera to carry with me to take pics of her as she grows and to post here.

Thank You All for your prayers, spells, and positive thoughts... our little, and ger parents are very grateful.


Happy First Birthday

Today is the celebration of the first year of life for our child. It is hard to believe it has gone by so quickly. She is a blessing and boon in our lives. She has 2.4 teeth. She has begun potty learning. She is over twenty pounds now and moving about quickly. Soon she'll be walking with no help as she barely needs help now. Rubber duckies are some of her favorites. She loves Craisins and banana puree. She hates shoes and tries to pull off her socks every chance she gets. She only likes hats on her own terms. She is quirky and beautiful. The sheer amount of joy she finds in her daily life is an inspiration to me. Happy Birthday elf_baby. Welcome to the world little one. You have been much anticipated.

Written by eiblyn


Update time!!!

I know it has been forever, but this is Elvnsword updating for the baby since she cannot spell quite yet...

It is two weeks to her first birthday, she has two little bottom teeth, and has been eating the solids somthing fierce! She went on a plane ride to the states and met Wolf, Girlcat and Boycat all in person! Then we went for a car trip and she got to meet her grandparents! Then since we were still working on dad's leave, we took another plane ride to texas, and after a long drive we got to meet Tita and Papa, her great grandparents. Tired as we were we took the long trip back home very well, and never once misbehaved on the planes.

I am quite happy to say I have the cutest kidlet on post!

Elf_Baby's favorite music,
Goodnight Demonslayer by Voltaire
Hello Song by Animaniacs
Cartoon Individual by Animaniacs
and many more she listens to with her mom!

TTYL folks
~Elvnsword, writing for Elfbaby...



There is a tooth in that mouth! You can't see it yet. You can just feel it. She is already tired of me putting my finger in her mouth to feel of it...sorta like I don't quite believe it's there yet. When did my baby get big enough for teeth!?!

by eiblyn

What She's Been Up To

We have moved beyond the scooting around that she has been doing so far. She can now pull herself up to standing. She took her first steps holding on to something a week ago.

She is getting so big now! She is in 12 month clothes. Her other pants were all too small to go over her cloth diaper butt. She also sat on the toilet for the first time this week. I put her on the toilet first thing in the morning and just managed to catch her at the appropriate time.

She talks a lot now. She can say "Dada", "Mama" and "Ninee". I suspect she's learning to say "yeah" and "no" too as she has been making appropriate noises at the right times. She also signs that she's hungry sometimes and responds to the sign clearly as to whether she is hungry or not.

She's still eating lots of breastmilk with no sign of that slowing. She doesn't eat a lot of solids, but that's mostly because I don't offer it a lot. She keeps trying to crawl over and steal my dinner so I should probably start offering it more often.

Right now she is still sleeping with me. I've been try to encourage her to nap in her crib. Right now, she is not buying that at all! But I keep trying. I'm going to try getting a small radio to go in her room so she can have some music to sleep to. I think that may help. She just really doesn't like sleeping without me right now.

She continues to amaze me with her beauty. It just knocks me down that she is so wonderful. I guess that comes with being a Momma. Anyway, Here's a pic...Collapse )
by eiblyn

Food Pics

Sorry these are late. I couldn't find the cord to the cam. Baby...Collapse )
by eiblyn


First Solids

I was going to delay starting elf_baby on solids for quite some time. I wanted to wait until she was at least 9 months old. Well, two weeks ago, she tried to football tackle a bagel. She didn't get it, but did chomp some lettuce. Since then, I had to come up with a plan. I went to the organic booth at the Farmer's market and bought some veggies and fruit. I made up some homemade baby food and was prepared to give it to her Monday. I came down with The Plague on Saturday and so instead I pushed the date back. This morning, at six months and a week, elf_baby had her very first spoonfuls of solids. It was baked sweet potato mixed with just a little breastmilk as it was too thick to eat easily. She had about five bites of it. Pictures will be forthcoming. But she ate it. When did she get big enough for food?!?!

Written by eiblyn


Meeting Uncle Brad & Aunt Roni

elf_baby met her Uncle Brad and Aunt Roni for the first time. She loved meeting them. She took to her Aunt Roni very well and spent a lot of time staring at her Uncle Brad. She also got up at 3am and handled the change in schedule like a champ!

Written by eiblyn


Meeting Daddy

elvnsword came home for 18 days. While here, he and elf_baby spent lots of time together doing the important stuff. They got along swimmingly. It was magical and amazing to watch them interact. So many things they do like each other and I just didn't realize it. They spent time reading stories and taking naps. elf_baby was Wiccaned. It was very emotional to see them meet and interact. elf_baby enjoyed spending time with elvnsword and elvnsword is a wonderful father who took to it right away. Anyway, Pictures are here.Collapse )
Written by eiblyn